Wednesday, September 5, 2007


An Update to an earlier story:

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In August we reported that a man (arrested for drinking) had died in a Pasadena jail. The police reported that he had died after "tripping". The coroner did not do its own report, having accepted this explanation by the police at face value.

However, after the family suspected foul play, they were able to get a coroner's report that stipulated the man had died from a perforation of his lung due to a bone splinter from a fractured rib, and that his corpse had bruises and cuts on the hands, knees, wrists, back, head, and his jeans and t-shirt were slpattered all over with blood.

Now the coroner has reported that this was a homicide. The prosecutor that is the head of the police integrity unit said they may (sic) refer this to a grand jury for charges. But they may not. Because... "The medical examiner's ruling basically gives the cause and manner of death, but our (internal) investigation determines whether there was justification for a homicide."

How a homicide on a man already handcuffed for drinking could be justified is not clear, but the prosecutor nonetheless feels the need to do further investigation. Or to wait until this blows over. Either way, it's doubtful the family or the community will let this issue die, and Police Brutality.Com will bring you the details as they develop.

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