Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What You Get in Yonkers for not Cleaning Up After Your Dog

Today's post isn't so extreme compared to other posts... until you consider what was at stake.

Just one day after the Justice Department announced it was investigating a series of police brutality incidents, Eric and Monique Brown were stopped while walking their dog by police. Apparently, a Yonkers police officer had witnessed their dog taking a poop, and insisted that the couple clean it up. When the man protested that it wasn't his dog that had pooped, he was arrested(!).

Once arrested, six or seven officers decided that they were all needed to subdue the man and put him into the police car. As the couple's 8-year old daughter stood by, the police punched Brown and slammed him onto the car. When the mother started begging the police to leave her husband alone, they grabbed her and puched her in the back of the head.

At this point, a concerned citizen began filming. While they did not get the beating on tape, they did catch the tail end of the arrest during which an entire phalanx of police officers are manhandling and carrying/dragging the dog-walker across the pavement into the police car. No less than nine officers can be seen. Given that this "offence" is supposedly for allowing a dog to poop on the street (if at all), this is a gross overreaction. Watch the video, and marvel at how many police are piled on top of him half-way through the replay.

Eric Brown suffered bruising on several parts of his body.

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